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  • Sari Solden and Dr. Frank

Upcoming Jun and Jul events with Dr. Frank you don't want to miss!

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Listen in to podcast Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast - with hosts Nikki Kinzer & Peter Wright on June 25, 2019. Do you get stuck in shame spirals? Wanna break through the self esteem meltdown trap? Nikki and Michelle discuss common experiences of shame that people with ADHD struggle with and concrete steps you can take to gain clarity and build confidence (Yes, even with your challenges!). Click here to subscribe and listen. You can also find the podcast on iTunes.

ADDitude Magazine online Live Webinar on June 25th at 1 pm ET : Beyond Shame and Guilt: Transformative Strategies for Women with ADD. This is a free expert webinar to learn how women with ADHD can move out of shame and into intentional living with Dr. Frank. Register here and receive you will receive the free webinar replay link after 6/25 as well!

SEE In ADHD with Liz Lewis Podcast Tues July 2, 2019 - Listen in as Liz and Michelle discuss the paradigm shift that can completely change the way women with ADHD relate to themselves and the world around them. They will talk about the limiting beliefs, behaviors, and cultural pressures that too often hold women back by maintaining a story of brokenness, and ways that they can create a personal narrative steeped in strength, power, and clarity. Click here to listen.

Laurie Dupar will interview Michelle Frank at the ADHD Telesummit ADDA Laurie Dupar ADHD Telesummit. Week of July 15-19, 2019. They will have a conversation on Radically ADHD; Empowered, Shame-Free Living for Women with ADHD.

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